This is a Private Party by invitation only. We have been hosting house parties for over 17 years. Our Events host from 100-200 of the sexiest people on Long Island.

This is drama free, no pressure zone where adults can meet, mingle, and play, if they choose to with other like minded adults.

We are very proud of our group, and enjoy hosting in our home for them.

This is a BYOB, BYOT and a BYOC event.


Please keep in mind this is our home, and not a club or bar.

We enjoy hosting lifestyle events. 

Please keep in mind where you park and try to keep the noise to a minimum to and from your vehicle's as respect towards our neighbor's. Nothing on Long Island or N.Y. city is quite like our events.


The Mayor's Resort in Located in Suffolk County

New York


We Host The Mayor's Club Parties Every 4th. Saturday Of each Month. During the late Spring til Early Fall Months on Long Island,NY. During the winter we party in South Florida.


Please visit us at one of the amazing links below, and check us out at hotycoupl, Dont forget to say hello!!

Go on to check  new couples and singles, to know what parties and clubs are in full force for any given night, and even create your very own profile. Can't wait to see you on there.

See you on there.

We also help host parties during the winter months in south Florida.



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